Google Search Box as a calculator, dictionary, thesaurus, synonym, spell checker. Google Search Box can find weather, time, sports scores or convert currency and units of measure and more.


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This Box is Information at Your Finger Tips!                        

Explore the Power of the Google Search Box!

Entering an internet search argument is just a fraction of what Google’s search box can do.

It can be used as a calculator, dictionary, thesaurus and spell checker.
It can convert inches to meters, gallons to cups, square feet to acres.
In real time it can tell you the time in just about any city in the world, the weather there and driving directions if you ask. Convert dollars to euros, get stock market quotes and find sports scores.

Learn the secrets to maximizing the results of your search. 

See our How to Toggle page.  There you will learn that Toggling between related websites can save you time and glean more information from your search results.  We also have internet search hints that will help you formulate a more fruitful search argument.

And so Much More!

Here is a table of just a few common uses for the

Google Search Box.

Function Your Input Your Results
Spell Checker sinonym Did you mean: synonym
Dictionary define synonym two words that can be interchanged in a context are said to be synonymous relative to that context
Synonym ~synonym Synonyms are different words with identical or  very similar meanings.
Calculator (23.5*4.75)/3 (23.5 * 4.75) / 3 = 37.2083333
English to metric 47ft 3.5in in m
2.5 cups in l
47 ft 3.5 in = 14.4145 mters
2.5 US cups = 0.591470591 l
Convert Currency 100 usd in euros 100 U.S. dollars = 78.486775 Euros
Find the Time time in paris 10:01pm Tuesday (CET) - Time in Paris, France
                            Paris, Maine 4:01pm EST
                            Paris, Illinois 3:01pm CST
Translate Webpage
  or phrase
Translate Copy the Page URL (address) to your clipboard.
Enter “translate” in the search box.
Click on Google Translate.
Paste the URL in space provided.
Enter the From and To languages.
Click Translate.
The webpage will be translated for you.
Check the Weather weather in moscow Weather for Russian Federation, Moscow
                            Current: Clear
                            Wind: S at 7 mph
                            Humidity: 83%
            Tue     21°F | 10°F
            Wed    24°F | 22°F
            Thu      31°F | 26°F
            Fri       35°F | 27°F
Area code 602 Show map of area code 602 Phoenix, Arizona
Zip code 53702 Madison, WI 53702
What's at the movies    movies 70070 Showtimes for Luling, LA 70070
                            Tyler Perry's Madea Goes to Jail - ‎1hr 43min
                            ‎Rated PG-13‎ - ‎Comedy‎
                            Friday the 13th - ‎1hr 35min‎ - ‎Rated R‎ - ‎Horro
                            Taken - ‎1hr 33min‎ - ‎Rated PG-13 -

This is just a few examples of how powerful the Google search box is.
Give it a try!     ---->   Just how many centimeters are there in a country mile?
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The Google search box is a powerful tool and has many more uses than just

searching the internet.

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