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Make a Procrastinator's Pencil Sticker

There is so much written about procrastination that I will not begin to discuss the topic. Here the focus is on Making Your Own Novelty Pencil as a reminder to expedite getting the task done.

Free Self-help motivational pens and pencils for the taking.

If you have an object in front of you (e.g. a pencil or pen) with your reasoning behind your procrastination, you will eventually realize the silliness of putting off the inevitable. Face it your will have to perform the deed sometime.

You can look at these stickers as funny (and give them out as jokes to your procrastinating friends) or serious (a self-help tool for you or a friend). In either case here’s how to make Your Own Novelty Procrastinator’s Pencil Sticker.

To print the page of Procrastinators’ Pencil Stickers

Select the paper stock you prefer. Use bold colors to bring attention the message or tone it down and match the color of the pencil or pen. RIGHT CLICK where shown on the text image. Select the “Print Picture” option from the dropdown menu. A page of 6 different stickers will print.

FREE Printable text image for Procrastinator’s Pencil Stickers.

Select A Sticker Style

The Procrastinators’ sticker can be used in several ways.
  1. The sticker can be used as a simple sticker and placed on any surface.
  2. Mount the sticker on a pencil in a “flag” display. I like this method because your round pencil will not roll away and your pens aren’t as likely to walk away.
  3. For a more discreet self-help message, or pocket use wrap the sticker around the pencil or pen.
  4. Select a single personal message to place on the pencil or pen.
These motivational self-help stickers can be place in any visible location.      Flag style novelty pencil with procrastinator’s self-help message.       Procrastinator’s motivational message wrapped around a pencil.

Attaching the Procrastinator Messages

I call these procrastinator messages stickers because if you turn these messages into stickers they are readily available to use at any time and place. Although difficult to remove, stickers can be removed more easily than most adhesives. You can use any glue or spray adhesive but they are messy and require drying time. You see here 6 pages (different colors, 36 in all) of Procrastinator’s Stickers waiting for a place to stick around.

Examples of the novelty stickers you can make for procrastinators.

Make a Procrastinator’s Sticker

  • Cut the message from the page you just printed, leaving ample space around the message.
  • Apply double sided tape to the back to make a homemade sticker or label.
  • If desired apply a clear acrylic coat for longevity.
  • Cut the label to the desired shape and size. 
  • Peel the backing off your new novelty Procrastinator’s Sticker and place it on any surface.
That’s it!  You’re done!

NOTE: Not all double stick tapes (aka carpet tape) are the same. Avoid the cloth type tapes as they are messy and hard to work with. For more useful sticker making tips, novel ideas and pit falls to avoid go to How to Make Custom Stickers.

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