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Welcome to Toggle Comparison Shopping!

Toggle Comparison Shopping is a term we coined at Idea64001 to describe a technique used to compare a group of similar internet websites.  Although we use the term “Shopping” this method can be used to browse through any group of WebPages found following a web search.  By assembling a group of like websites in one location, (a search results page) a comparison can be made by toggling between listed websites. This facilitates timely, effortless and accurate decisions.

Internet surfers can use their time more efficiently by returning to the same search results page instead of re-searching. It is easier to recall the websites you have visited if you return to the same starting point (search results page). If you currently do a lot of web surfing you probably already use the “Toggling” technique.

How to use Toggle Comparison Shopping.

Start with your internet search. Our home page is a great source for surfing hints and tips.  Next select the displayed search result that best covers your interests. If you are shopping around and looking for the best price, we recommend that you print this search results page and take notes as you review offers.

Review the information found at each website. Clicking on the blue underlined title will take you to the website for more detailed information. Review the information, take notes and when finished, use the
Use the back arrow to toggle back one webpage. “Back” Arrow button (found on the upper left hand corner of your screen) to Toggle Back to the search results page.

Continue Toggling between the search results page and the target websites until you have completed you task.

Points to remember when entering your search argument.

  • All websites with All relevant words will be displayed.  It is up to you to direct the search.
  • Surround your search in quotes (“”) for exact phrases.
  • Use a minus sign (-) before words to be excluded.  No space after -.
  • Use a plus sign (+) before exact words to be found. This excludes synonyms and abbreviations. No space after +.
  • Use OR between alternate words.  AND is always implied.
  • If you do not find what you are looking for, try using a synonym.
  • If you need more help use the “Advanced Search” link on your browser.

Now that you understand Toggle Comparisons...Give it a try!     ---->  
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The Google search box is a powerful tool and has many more uses than just surfing the internet.

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